Affordable Housing

National Park Seminary Apartments offer an affordable opportunity to live in style. We have programs that allow these apartments to be available exclusively to people who may otherwise be unable to afford living in such a premier location. One criteria for these programs is that an annual total household income may not exceed the amounts shown below. For more information about a program or learn if you meet the criteria please call us at (301) 650-5766.

Household Size 50% AMI Program 60% AMI Program
1 Person $38,650 $46,380
2 Persons $44,150 $52,980
3 Persons $49,650 $59,580
4 Persons $55,150 $66,180
5 Persons $59,600 $71,520
6 Persons $64,000 $76,800

How to Apply

To apply for affordable housing please print the below application, complete in pen, and return to National Park Seminary Apartments.

An application fee of $30 per person is required for those over the age of 18, along with an initial holding fee of $250.00 that will go towards the security deposit of $500.00 for all apartments- personal check, cashier's check, or money orders are acceptable. This holding fee/security deposit is refundable for three days after application, or in the event of a denial.

Know that incomplete and illegible applications cannot be processed.